Ballast Water Management System

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PACT Marine TM Ballast Water Management System

Leveraging on PACT’s vast water treatment, automation and mechanical expertise and experience, PACT MARINE™ BWMS was developed in-house, utilizing a 40μm self-cleaning filter combined with medium pressure ultraviolet (MPUV) disinfection technology, with simple structure, superior performance, with design allowance to meet more stringent future discharge standards, offering a complete range (200-4000m3/hr) of ballast water management solutions to clients.


System Operating Principles


During ship ballasting, ballast water enters the BWMS from the ballast pump, through the filter, then the MPUV reactor for treatment, and then into the ballast tank. Passing through the filter, large inorganic particles, most of the zooplankton and phytoplankton would be removed, ensuring the effectiveness of MPUV disinfection downstream. 200-280nm wavelength UV irradiation of the MPUV reactor achieves disinfection of the residual plankton, bacteria and viruses in the ballast water by means of cellular damage.



de-ballasting, the ballast water is directly pumped through the ballast pump into the MPUV reactor, bypassing the filter, for secondary disinfection treatment before discharge



  • Simple & Flexible

Simple Structure, easy to install and operate; Depending on spatial allowance, can be installed in containers, modules, loose in a vertical or horizontal format. 

  • Stable & Reliable Performance

System utilizes Israeli Filtration Technology, with components from reputable manufacturers well-known for their stability & reliability; Global service network provides a reliable & comprehensive support worldwide

  • Design allowance to meet more stringent discharge requirements

Economy Mode –By adjusting MPUV intensity, system responds to incoming water quality to achieve discharge compliance with minimum energy OPEX;

Performance Mode – system able to increase UV intensity at various settings to comply with more stringent discharge requirements due to considerable design allowance.

  • Suitable for all vessel types (Bulkers, Tankers, Boxships, Passenger Ships and other special purpose vessels).


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